JOURNAL // a modern + country kitchen

I recently helped a client with a kitchen renovation, and to my delight, she was seeking a modern farmhouse feel, or a style that I often refer to as "modern country."  I'm seeing this look more and more these days, and I must say, it really is one of my favorite styles.  It's classic, not overly formal, often features simple Shaker style cabinets, neutral colors, and a mix of farmhouse industrial and modern elements. With roots in British, Scandinavian, and American country interiors, this style has long been prevalent in Northeastern country homes, yet feels just as good in Midwest and West Coast abodes. 

What I love about a modern + country kitchen, is that besides feeling comfy, homey, and looking like a kitchen that one actually cooks in, there is also a bit of an edge to it. I think the magic lies in the juxtapostion of rustic and chic materials and the "undone" feeling of it. When I see these spaces, I imagine that someone terribly interesting yet down to Earth must live there! 

Below is the look that I put together for my client, along with a few extra embellishments that I couldn't resist adding:

Now,  the only problem is that I wish this were my own kitchen! For more of the modern country vibe, follow along with me on Pinterest and check out the kitchen and modern + country boards, they are full of inspiration. 


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